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Kidz Bop makes a cover of the Mario movie's "Peaches"

Jun 23, 2023

Oh no...

The KidZ Bob brand has been around for decades now, releasing kid-fronted covers of popular music. I’ve always thought Kidz Bop focused on making kid-friendly versions of songs that weren’t exactly appropriate for children, but I guess they also dabble with taking any popular song and having kids sing their own take.

The latest release from Kidz Bop can be heard about, and it’s instantly recognizable to anyone who’s seen The Super Mario Bros. Movie. The song “Peaches” from that film, performed by Jack Black as Bowser, has been a mega-hit since the film first released. Peaches even charted on the Billboard Top 100, so it’s easy to see why the Kidz Bop team would want to get in on the action.

Outside of a kid singing the tune instead of Jack Black, this version of Peaches is pretty much exactly the same as the original. While it seems a little unnecessary, I guess the Kidz Bop fans out there will be happy!

I know people like to talk bad about Kidz Bop. And generally I'd agree, as their covers are usually cringeworthy. But I think this version is better than the original.


Hah hah, I actually decided to listen to it because of your comment, and I'm quite surprised at how good it actually is. I think if the "charm" of Jack Black doesn't appeal to you, this cover is a more bearable substitute.