10 Best AWP Skins In CS:GO
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10 Best AWP Skins In CS:GO

Feb 28, 2024

From cost to popularity and aesthetic, we rank the best AWP skins you'll want to get your hands on.

AWP is one of the most loved guns in CS: GO, and it has been a part of numerous iconic moments in the game’s history. Utilizing it is pretty fun, and you can primarily hold angles or go for aggressive plays when possessing this particular Sniper Rifle.

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To style on your opponents and have a better visual appearance while using the AWP, you can also get one of the numerous skins introduced through the different cases. If you are hunting for the best one, check out the skins listed below. The factors considered while selecting the skins include aesthetics, popularity, price, and more.

AWP Atheris deserves a spot on this list solely because it is probably the best budget-friendly AWP present in CS:GO. As the name might suggest, its design is based on Atheris, a type of bush viper, and the combination of black and green looks impressive.

The skin starts around $1.80 for the Battle Scarred, and you can buy the Factory New for under $13, which is decent for a skin that looks this good. Aside from that, you may avail of the StatTrak variants if you wish to count the number of kills you get using the skin.

AWP Wildfire is another excellent skin for the Sniper Rifle, and it was released as part of the CS20 case, which commemorated 20 years of Counter-Strike. The blazing flame design imprinted onto it looks extremely good, and it was essentially designed by VLEK, who is also responsible for coming up with Galil Connexion.

Since the skin’s initial availability in October 2019, it has grown in popularity, and many players love using it. Accordingly, AWP Wildfire is something that you can have on your list if you have a fair budget to spend on an AWP skin.

Apart from Atheris, AWP Mortis is a flawless-looking skin available for cheap. It is a part of the Clutch Case that also features other great skins like M4A4 Neo-Noir and the different Gloves.

AWP Mortis has been available for a while, with the Clutch Collection basically being released in February 2018. Given that this skin provides a rich and premium look, you really should consider getting it. The price of it begins at around $1.7-$1.8, and you can acquire the best condition, which is Factory New, for close to $7.5.

If you like flashy skins with good designs, AWP Hyper Beast might be the one for you. It was designed by frontaLOBE, who has additionally come up with the other Hyper Beast skins and also the USP Orion.

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It has been a part of CS:GO since May 2015, and you can find it in the Falchion collection. The skin would cost you around $120 in the best condition and close to $20 in the Battle-Scarred variant. The StatTrak variants could be an option if you have a little more money to spend.

AWP Fade emerges to be the perfect option for those who like minimalist stuff, with the skin just being a perfect blend of numerous colors. It is a part of the Control Collection, and Valve added the same into CS:GO through Operation Broken Fang.

With no probability of getting the collection’s contents through a case, AWP Fade has become increasingly rare and is priced reasonably high. It wouldn’t be feasible to get the skin for regular players, but those who are into collecting can indeed look into this skin.

KennyS is probably the most iconic player to have ever used the AWP, and he is one of the primary reasons why AWP Asiimov is loved by so many in the game’s community. Besides his using it, the overall appearance that the skin provides is pretty good, which makes it a worthy candidate on this list.

The particular skin is also among the oldest skins for the weapons, and it was released way back in February 2014 as part of the Operation Phoenix Weapon Case. You can try getting it through the particular case or spend between $90 – 170 on any of the three available base variants.

AWP Desert Hydra is an appealing skin, and it was one of the many desert-based skins included in the 2021 Mirage Collection, a part of Operation Riptide. In addition to an incredible design imprinted with gold snakes, the skin has a factor of rarity attached to it.

2Minds studio was behind the design of AWP Desert Hydra, and the duo worked their magic like they already did with skins like AK47 The Empress and AWP Mortis however, even though you might not find Desert Hydra that nice, its overall look grants it a spot on the list.

AWP The Prince is one of the finest skins for the weapon, and it features an exquisite pattern that can draw the attention of everyone. The engraved text “Pax Tibi Marce Evangelista Meus” makes it even more unique, and you may even consider it the best AWP skin.

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Valve introduced AWP The Prince in CS:GO through the Canals Collection in November 2019, and it was among the main draws of Operation Shattered Web. Finding listings for it on the Steam Market is improbable, and you would have to rely on other sources if you are keenly interested in getting the skin.

AWP Gungnir stands out as one of the costliest weapon skins in CS:GO, and it was introduced with the Norse Collection in November 2019. Like “The Prince,” this skin was also a part of Operation Shattered Web, and players yearned to get their hands on it during the operation’s activity.

According to the description, the skin features Odin’s spear alongside custom-painted designs, with the base color blue. You will certainly not see this with the regular players but will often find it in professional matches, with numerous athletes using it.

AWP Dragon Lore is arguably the most famous AWP skin, and even if you don't play the game might also be aware of this particular one. The Souvenir edition of the skin is extremely expensive, with only a limited number of them being available in public.

Aside from the Souvenir, even finding the regular variants is quite rare, and skin collectors highly value it. The skin has been a part of the game for a long time, and Valve added it through the Cobblestone Collection in July 2014.

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