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Aug 24, 2023

Counter-Strike players are growing increasingly frustrated with Valve over the delayed release of CS2. In a recent Reddit post, one player expressed disappointment that a second CS:GO Major could have been organized this year while waiting for CS2’s release.

The player argued that organizing a second Major would not have negatively impacted the esports scene, as CS2 is expected to be released in September at the earliest. They lamented the fact that it has been over five months since CS2 was first announced, and there is still much to be tested in the beta.

However, some players tried to understand Valve’s perspective. One player speculated that Valve may have already shifted their focus entirely to CS2, explaining the lack of further development on CS:GO. They suggested that Valve may be prioritizing CS2 and disregarding further improvements to the existing game.

Regardless, players are growing frustrated with the current state of affairs surrounding CS2. Many doubt that the game will be released this summer or even by the reported September 23 date. Valve has remained silent on the matter, leaving players eagerly awaiting updates.

CS2 was originally announced on March 23, but since then, not much has changed and no release date has been provided. Valve has yet to address the concerns raised by the player community, leading to growing disappointment and frustration.

The anticipation for CS2’s release has transformed into a sense of disillusionment as the wait continues. Counter-Strike players hope that Valve will provide some communication and transparency regarding the progress and expected release date of CS2.

Sources:– Reddit post by Counter-Strike player– Article by Mateusz Miter