World Water Infrastructure Repair Technologies Market Report 2022
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World Water Infrastructure Repair Technologies Market Report 2022

Jul 11, 2023

Global Water Infrastructure Repair Market

Dublin, Sept. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Water Infrastructure Repair Technologies: Global Markets" report has been added to's offering.

The scope of the market analyzed in this report includes water infrastructure repair technologies used in global drinking water distribution and wastewater collection (e.g., sewer, stormwater) piped infrastructure systems.

Components of these piped systems include water distribution and wastewater collection pipes, along with the connectors, fittings, flanges, couplings, valves and adaptors connected to these pipes. The types of WIRT included in this report include assessment, spot repair, rehabilitation and replacement technologies.

With the dramatic temperature increases and climate change over the past years, water consumption has risen dramatically across the globe. Despite being a critical asset, water is undervalued across many parts of the world, and its use is largely unsustainable. The rise in water demand coupled with limited supply and uneven distribution are leading to water stress across the various region around the globe. Water losses are often caused by inadequate maintenance of the distribution network. With a 75- to 100-year lifespan, much of America's underground pipes are due for replacement. Based on an analysis by the American Water Works Association, approximately one-third of water mains nationwide will require replacement by 2040.

As an indication of mounting needs, water mains currently experience an estimated 240,000 breaks annually. Similarly, in many European countries, the infrastructure has come to an end of its lifespan, causing numerous water breaks and leaks. For this reason, timely pipeline rehabilitation and replacement are crucial to ensure the smooth operation of the entire water supply network. There are several other factors driving growth within the global water infrastructure repair technology market. Some of them include population increases; newly built water distribution and wastewater collection systems; diminishing water supplies; new and improved technologies; increased interests in sustainability; and numerous other economic, political, social, demographic and technological factors.

The report will also have a separate section highlighting the impact of COVID-19 on water infrastructure repair technology market at the global level. The section will include COVID-19 disruptions on demand and supply of technologies used for water infrastructure rehabilitation.

A separate section on the Russia-Ukraine war provides detailed analysis of the impact the war on water infrastructure repair technology market.

The market size and estimations are provided in terms of value ($ million), considering 2021 as base year and market forecasts from 2022 to 2027. Regional-level market size, with respect to category, application and system type, will also be provided. The impact of COVID-19 and the Russia-Ukraine war are considered while estimating the market size.

Report Includes

37 data tables and 63 additional tables

An updated review and analysis of the global markets for water infrastructure repair technologies

Analyses of the global market trends, with market revenue for 2021, estimates for 2022, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2027

Understanding of the new technologies and developments in the water infrastructure repair technologies industry, and identification of segments with high growth potential and their future growth prospects

Estimation of the actual market size for water infrastructure repair technology, market forecast in USD million values, and corresponding market share analysis by category, system type, technology type, application and geographic region

In-depth information (facts and figures) concerning market drivers, deterrents and challenges affecting the global market for water infrastructure and repair technology

Highlights of the impact of COVID-19 and Russia-Ukraine war on the market for water infrastructure repair technology

Discussion of the industry value chain analysis providing a systematic study of key intermediaries involved, with emphasis on recent developments and region-specific macroeconomic factors

Identification of the major stakeholders and analysis of the competitive landscape based on recent developments and segmental revenues

Updated information on mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, business expansions, and product launch strategies within the water infrastructure repair technology industry

Company profiles of major players within the industry 3M, Aegion Corp., Applied Felts Inc., Aries Industries Inc., Advanced Trenchless Inc.

Key Topics Covered:

Chapter 1 Introduction

Market Definition

Study Goals and Objectives

Reasons for Doing this Study

Intended Audience

Scope of Report


What's New in this Report?

Chapter 2 Summary and Highlights

Population Growth

Increasing Global Water Consumption

Water Pollution

Increased Water Value Good for Wirt

Chapter 3 Market Overview

Water Infrastructure Repair Technology by Category

Pipe Failure Types

Common Pipe Types

Asbestos Cement

Cast Iron


Cross-Linked Polyethylene

Ductile Iron

Glass-Reinforced Polymer

High-Density Polyethylene Pipe

Galvanized Steel Pipe

Lead Pipe

Polybutylene Pipe

Polyethylene Pipe

Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe

Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe

Steel Pipe

Pipe Life Expectancies

Drinking Water and Wastewater Systems

Public Facility and Industrial Water Supply

Astm International and Other Regulatory Guidance for Wirt

Chapter 4 Impact of Covid-19 and Russia-Ukraine War on the Market

Covid-19 Impact

Russia-Ukraine War

Russian Weaponization of Water in Its Invasion of Ukraine

Chapter 5 Growth Factors


Water Highly Undervalued

Non-Revenue Water Loss Dramatic in Some Areas

More People Translates to Higher Demand for Wirt

Population Shifts Guide Wirt Market

Increasing Global Water Consumption and Wirt Demand

Freshwater Depletion and the Increased Need for Wirt

Water Scarcity and Stress Affecting Wirt Market Need

Pollution Makes Water More Precious

Climate Change Undeniable as Weather Changes Become Increasingly Dramatic

Action Taken to Adjust to Climate Change

Utilities Respond to Climate Change

Mass Migrations and Their Impact on Infrastructure Systems

Need for Wirt Increases as Pipes Continue to Age


New Zealand

United States

Mexico City


Concerns Over Lead Promote Pipe Replacement Projects

Impact Investing and Sustainability

Funding for Wirt Often An Issue

Rural and Urban Utilities Both Struggle for Funding

Pipe Insurance

Leaks and Their Effect on Wirt Investment

Assessment Technologies Fuel Wirt Market Growth

Smart Meters Everywhere

Trenchless Technologies Spur Wirt Market Growth

Trenchless Technologies More Green

Wirt Enthusiasts Must Compete for Attention

Pipe Installation and Repair Avoidance

Regulation Improvements Supporting Growth in Some Regions

European Union

United States





United Kingdom

Public-Private Partnership Involvement in Wirt

Government Push for Ppps

Public/Private Partnerships and Private Ventures Benefit Developing Regions

Differing Opinions Regarding Public/Private Partnerships

Private Utility Companies on the Rise

Push to Separate Combined Sewer Systems Promotes Wirt

Hidden Troubles Easy to Ignore

Public Education Supporting the Wirt Market

Proactive Repair Outshining Emergency Repair

Aid to Developing Countries Boosting the Wirt Market

Aid Not Always Welcome

Improved Sanitation and Drinking Water Coverage Good for Wirt

Maintenance Just as Important as Building

World is Becoming Richer: Wirt to Benefit

Governments Supporting Wirt Projects

United States




Hong Kong

Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Supporting the Wirt Market

World Works to Eradicate Open Defecation

Poop: Not a Savory Subject

Cybersecurity Becoming More of An Issue

Danger of Free or Inexpensive Services

So Many Questions: Difficult to Choose Wirt Technology

Successful Projects Promote Wirt

Reliable Data Elusive in Poorer Regions

Food, Water and Energy Packaged

Concerns Over Styrene in Cipp Supports Some Wirt Products

Hazards of Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe

More Long-Distance Pipelines, More Pipe and More Wirt

Employment Opportunities and Career Options in the Wirt Market

Associations and Organizations Propel Market Growth

United Kingdom Water Industry Research

American Water Works Association

Canadian Water and Wastewater Association

Chapter 6 Global Market Growth by Segment


Market by System Type

Drinking Water Market by Technology Type

Wastewater Market by Technology Type

Market by Category


Spot Repair



Market by Application

Public Facility

Industrial Water Supply

Chapter 7 Global Market by Region and Country


North America



Middle East and Africa

Latin America

Chapter 8 Wirt Technologies


Open Cut Pipe Repair Versus Trenchless Pipe Repair


Visual Inspection

Acoustic Leak Detection

Electromagnetic Inspection


Other Assessment Technologies

Spot Repair

Pipe Wrapping

Pipe Sleeves


Pipe Clamps

Joint Repair


Pipe Lining


Close-Fit Lining

Spray Liners

Cured-In-Place Pipe Lining

Spiral Wound Lining


Pipe Bursting

Pipe Splitting

Pipe Reaming

Pipe Extraction

Innovative Technologies and Product Trends

Chapter 9 Competitive Landscape

Competitive Landscape: Global

Major Developments

Chapter 10 Company Profiles


Aclara Technologies LLC

Advanced Trenchless Inc.

Aegion Corp.

Applied Felts Inc.

Aquarius Spectrum Ltd.

Aries Industries Inc.

Brawo Systems GmbH

Cues Inc.


Hammerhead Trenchless Equipment

Hermes Technologie GmbH & Co Kg

Hydratech, LLC

Lanzo Companies

Link-Pipe Inc.

National Liner LLC

Picote Oy Ltd.

Steve Vick International Ltd.

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Global Water Infrastructure Repair Market'sReport IncludesKey Topics Covered:Chapter 1 IntroductionChapter 2 Summary and HighlightsChapter 3 Market OverviewChapter 4 Impact of Covid-19 and Russia-Ukraine War on the MarketChapter 5 Growth FactorsChapter 6 Global Market Growth by SegmentChapter 7 Global Market by Region and CountryChapter 8 Wirt TechnologiesChapter 9 Competitive LandscapeChapter 10 Company ProfilesAttachment