Valve's Instagram Activity Sparks Speculation About CS2 Release
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Valve's Instagram Activity Sparks Speculation About CS2 Release

Aug 31, 2023

Counter-Strike fans recently observed some interesting activity on Valve’s Instagram account, leading to speculation about the release date of CS2. On August 29, Valve’s ‘csgo_dev’ account posted an image of the IEM Cologne trophy on their story, accompanied by a crown emoji. While some players view this as a potential hint towards CS2’s release, others are wary, considering it as yet another bait from the developers.

Comments on Reddit express excitement and hope, with one user stating, “Out of all the days to post this they did it today. ITS A SIGN.” Another user points out that Valve using Instagram instead of Twitter might indicate that a release is imminent. However, many players remain skeptical, highlighting Valve’s history of baiting the community with such posts.

The mixed reactions are not surprising, as Valve is known for engaging with the community through social media. While some players are frustrated and feel that these baits are dampening their enthusiasm, others appreciate the effort to keep the community engaged.

Despite the speculation, there is currently no concrete evidence to suggest that Valve’s Instagram activity is directly linked to the release of CS2. However, given that the game was announced to be released this summer and summer is drawing to a close, fans are eager for any significant news.

In conclusion, although Valve’s Instagram activity has sparked excitement and speculation among Counter-Strike fans, it is important to approach it with caution. While the community eagerly awaits news of CS2, it remains uncertain if this recent activity is a genuine hint or just another bait.

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