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Meet the Best of BabyCenter Awards winners 2023

Jul 27, 2023

The moment you find out you’re expecting, a million new dilemmas rise before you, from the minor (How long will you still be able to fit into your pants?) to the decidedly more major (Can we even do this thing?). Your life is about to change drastically, and you have just about nine months to get ready for the tidal wave.

One thing you don't have to question: which gear to buy, thanks to the 2023 Best of BabyCenter Awards. Our best-of awards program seeks to recognize and celebrate the problem-solvers, the must-haves, the baby gear parents say they simply can't do without, with an eye towards easing the dilemmas our readers face every day.

We first identified the 26 product categories that BabyCenter Community parents say they rely on most often. Then we polled BabyCenter readers, putting all of the most popular products within each of those categories up for a head-to-head vote.

They were happy to oblige, casting over 15,000 votes to choose the best stroller, best infant car seat, best bottles, and more.

Here are the 2023 Best of BabyCenter Awards winners. And if you're looking for more products our readers love and recommend, our BabyCenter Home Awards winners might help.

Why we love it:

Installing your child’s car seat is a crucial parenting safety task, and it can be a stressful one, with lots of physical effort and worrisome guesswork. But the Chicco KeyFit 30’s intuitive and high-quality installation features make the process just so much less demanding. There are easy-to-read bubble levels on either side of the seat that ensure you’ve got a safe angle, and the LATCH-tightening strap requires only a few gentle tugs to get the seat’s base in snugly and securely.

BabyCenter parents rave about how easy this car seat is to install and maintain, how sturdy and secure it feels, and how comfortable it looks for baby. Also good: The newborn insert can fit little ones starting at just 4 pounds, making this a safe option for preemie babies.

Good to know: Although an excellent car seat, the KeyFit isn’t as compatible with quite as many strollers as some other infant car seats on the market, so that’s something to consider if having a travel system is important to you. The Chicco KeyFit 35, is a slightly more expensive version that has an anti-rebound bar and holds babies up to 35 pounds, but most babies outgrow the seat by height before they weigh that much anyway – so the KeyFit 30 is generally enough for most families.

Community Reviews:

“Love this car seat! We have used this brand for all our kids. Love the stroller that goes with it as well.”

“Easy to install and super safe for baby, not too expensive, and comes in lots of great colors.”

“The only car seat that felt sturdy and safe! This seat never felt flimsy and ‘plasticy’ like most that I've used. They are extremely durable and hold up so well! They are made to last and keep your baby very safe.”

Why we love it:

Many parents prefer to keep their children in rear-facing car seats as long as possible, but hate when their child’s legs grow long enough to hit the seat back. Enter the Graco Extend2Fit with a genius solution: An extension panel, which acts as a tray that slides out of the seat and gives your child an extra five inches to prop their feet. The result is comfort for both parents and children in a well-performing seat, sold at a reasonable price point.

BabyCenter parents also appreciate that this convertible car seat has a higher weight limit in the rear-facing position than most (it can accommodate kids rear-facing up to 50 pounds), is fairly lightweight for a convertible seat (it’s 19 pounds) and grows with your child. Other nice features include a no-rethread harness and two built-in cup holders.

What’s more, parents report that it’s easy to install and adjust, and that it simply feels strong, sturdy, and secure — which is ultimately the most essential feature in any car seat.

Good to know: This isn’t the slimmest convertible car seat on the market, so it might be too bulky in some smaller back seats if you need to fit three across.

Community Reviews:

“We have used this seat for several years and multiple children. The seat is easy to buckle a child into and is comfortable. The extension is nice for long legs, too.”

“I have this car seat and there's no anxiety. It’s easy to clean, looks great, and grows with my kids! It’s also really easy to install!”

“Just bought another for baby number two! Super easy to install and adjust for your child!”

Why we love it:

A hospital-grade breast pump that’s ultra lightweight and portable sounds too good to be true, but the Medela Pump In Style breast pump really lives up to the hype. Not only is this a breast pump you can actually take with you on the go — it weighs 1 pound, includes a battery pack, and has a slimmer profile than comparable models — but it’s also powerful and has very efficient suction.

BabyCenter moms tell us that the suction power is “great,” the flanges are “cozy” and well-shaped, and the entire pump is uncomplicated to use. As a result, a number of moms reported that these features helped them meet their pumping and breastfeeding goals.

This set includes the pump, as well as four 5-ounce bottles with lids, two 21mm shields and two 24mm shields, shield connectors with membranes, tubing, a cooler bag, a microfiber bag, a battery pack, and an adapter.

Good to know: It works with AA batteries, but you’ll need to purchase those separately if you want to use the pump with the battery pack.

Community Reviews:

“I've tried almost every breast pump, roughly 32 different ones. This one works so well and will last and help supply issues.”

“Gentle, natural suction rhythm, similar to higher priced hospital pumps. Lots of parts included, bag, cooler, ice pack, and easy to find replacement pump parts at Target.”

“Old reliable. Let’s face it, breastfeeding can be finicky! So much conflicting information and each baby’s latch is different. This pump helped me reach goals. It’s still going strong.”

Why we love it:

A fave product amongst new moms, the Haakaa does a simple job at a mind-blowingly minor price: Without wires, motors, or anything you have to recharge or plug in, this silicone breast pump uses vacuum suction to siphon milk from your breasts. Moms can’t get enough of how simple, versatile, and easy this clever little pump is to use.

The Haakaa is small and light, easy to wear on one breast while your baby nurses from another, so none of your milk goes to waste. Many moms who breastfed said they were able to save up a surprising amount of milk by using the Haakaa in this way. Because it’s so portable, light, and easy to clean, the Haakaa also works well as an on-the-go pump when you’re in a pinch. (Though if you need to fully empty your breasts, you’ll likely need an electric pump).

Good to know: Most women find that they still need to use an electric pump for regular daily pumping, and use the Haakaa as a helpful add-on. So if you plan on regularly pumping to replace your baby’s feeding sessions, you’ll also need an electric breast pump.

Community Reviews:

“I love the simplicity and versatility of the Haakaa. You can lightly place it on to collect excess milk, or you can suction it on the pump. And it stays put all the while.”

“I've been having babies since 2004 and have used all of these and the Haakaa is the best and expresses the most milk.”

“Hands-free and effective, excellent at catching letdown and can use alongside breastfeeding.”

Why we love it:

Breastfeeding can take a toll on your neck and back, but the Boppy makes things a lot more comfortable and easy. This nursing pillow props your baby up at just the right angle so they can effortlessly drink, eliminating the stooping that gives breastfeeding moms a sore, stiff neck.

But it’s not just a breastfeeding pillow: Moms appreciate that this purchase can do double (even triple) duty as a prop for tummy time and as a support when baby is learning how to sit up on their own. Some moms even tell us that the Boppy is so well-made and durable, they’ve been able to use it over and over again with additional children.

Good to know: Breastfeeding pillows, like all gear associated with infant feeding, can get dirty and stained quickly, so you may want to have more than one cover for yours so you can have one on while you’re washing the other.

Community Reviews:

“There's so many ways to use it! Use it to nurse baby, to let baby lay in, use to prop up for tummy time and to help support them as they learn to sit up.”

“I had two of these and I loved them. They helped so much with breastfeeding.”

“Trusted and true, used it for all four kids. Most recently, my 11-month-old and the first time I used it was in 2007 when my 15-year-old was born.”

Why we love it:

Many bottles have tried to imitate Dr. Brown’s technology, but, as one BabyCenter parent put it, “there’s no contest when it comes to [Dr. Brown’s] bottles.”

Parents, specifically those who have survived the miserable weeks or months of colic, highly recommend Dr. Brown’s bottles. The Options+ vent (that’s the green part of the bottle) really works to soothe gassy, fussy babies, and when your baby's ready, you can leave it out entirely.

Since they include a few extra small parts, Dr. Brown’s bottles can be a little more difficult to clean compared to some others on the market. But most parents, especially those whose babies were suffering from colic, say they don’t mind the extra cleaning since the air vent really works. The bottles themselves are also strong and durable, and hold their shape and appearance over time without getting cloudy.

Good to know: This bottle comes in a number of similar-but-not-the-same options that can make them a little confusing to choose: glass, plastic, wide- or narrow-necked, sizes from 4 to 9 ounces. Each has their pluses and minuses; we are picturing and linking to narrow-necked plastic 8-ounce Options+ bottles.

Community Reviews:

“Anti-colic really makes a difference with this brand. And the bottle never gets foggy.”

“The anti-colic aspect really does work to get the air bubbles out.”

“Dr. Brown's bottles don't leak, are easy enough to clean, and are easy to transition to. My breastfed baby had no trouble going from breast to bottle for daycare!”

Why we love it:

When parents have a choice in formula (and we know that hasn't exactly been easy over the past year) and ponder the question of what goes in an infant’s delicate stomach, they trust the Similac name. Similac is the go-to brand for hospital infant feeding and with more than 100 years of research into infant formula going into Similac’s products, parents appreciate the innovative ingredients. Many BabyCenter parents told us their pediatricians recommended this brand, which they say is gentle on their babies’ stomachs.

Good to know: You have different options when it comes to Similac. The brand’s 360 Total Care formula is considered their closest formula to breast milk, and there’s also NeoSure (designed with premature babies in mind), Alimentum (non-GMO and hypoallergenic formula), and Pure Bliss (which is non-GMO and free of artificial growth hormones and antibiotics).

Community Reviews:

“Has multiple varieties and helps gives my baby the nutrients they need.”

“Good rewards program!”

“It wasn't hard on my daughter's stomach.”

Why we love it:

Another trusted brand, Enfamil tied with Similac in our survey for the best infant formula. Multiple BabyCenter parents cited Enfamil’s high-quality ingredients as well as how smoothly the powdered version mixes with water. As with Similac, there are a number of options to choose from (more below), and parents tell us that each variety is gentle enough for sensitive stomachs.

Good to know: Enfamil is available in a number of different lines, including Enspire (which contains an ingredient called lactoferrin for brain support), NeuroPro GentleEase (designed to be extra gentle on tummies for babies with gas or colic), and NeuroPro, a BabyCenter parent favorite that has brain-building omega-3 DHA fatty acids.

Community Reviews:

“Mixes well and baby loves it. The NeuroPro line is the best.”

“Enfamil blends the smoothest and quickest and causes little tummy discomfort.”

“I used formula very rarely but this was my go-to when I needed it. I trust the brand.”

Why we love it:

Those first few baths with baby can be a little intimidating, but First Years’ Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn-to-Toddler Tub helps alleviate some of the anxiety around bathing a slippery newborn. BabyCenter parents appreciate that this tub can be used for so many stages. In the first stage, the mesh sling acts like a hammock to gently cradle your little one while you wash them. As your baby gets a bit bigger and sturdier, remove the sling to recline them directly in the ergonomic seat.

Finally, you can continue using the tub with your toddler who can sit up lightly supported against the incline (at this stage, you’ll be grateful for the anti-slip pads). BabyCenter parents also like how easy the tub is to clean.

Good to know: The tub also includes a very helpful feature: A drain plug that changes color if the water is too hot for your baby’s delicate skin.

Community Reviews:

“It's simple, versatile, and easy to use!”

“Good price for accommodating different ages and stages.”

“Easy to use and more flexible for when the baby grows.”

Why we love it:

Here’s some happy news: You don’t have to spend many hundreds of dollars to get an excellent full-size stroller. The Chicco Bravo delivers all the essential features you need (and then some) for less than $300. There's a compact, one-handed fold; a UPF 50+ canopy; a large storage basket; and sturdy treaded tires that are easy to maneuver. You can also click in any Chicco car seat to turn it into a travel system without having to purchase a separate adapter.

Despite its affordable price tag, the Bravo doesn’t feel cheap. BabyCenter parents say it’s strong and durable, even after many years of heavy use.

Good to know: As wonderful as this stroller is, it’s not convertible. If you need to push two children (such as an older toddler and new baby) or think you might continue growing your family in the future, it might be worth considering Chicco’s BravoFor2 stroller, which can accommodate a front-facing infant and an older child standing or sitting on the back bench.

Community Reviews:

“Chicco provides the best strollers. It's easy to dismantle and useful for many years.”

“Love this stroller! We have taken everywhere! It’s held up so nicely. A lot of great storage for a diaper bag and essentials.”

“Love the wrist adjustment and it’s easy to break down, I also don't find myself bumping my shins into it all the time like I do with some other strollers.”

Why we love it:

Parents say the gentle rocking motion on the Ingenuity ConvertMe 2-in-1 Baby Swing and Seat can soothe even the fussiest infants. That’s due in part to the plush seat, as well as the selection of vibrations, 12 melodies, and four calming nature sounds. (Don’t worry — the motor itself is quiet as a whisper.) Best yet, this is actually two baby products in one: You can convert the swing to a stationary seat if your little one prefers it. In either mode, the built-in toy bar with a plush elephant is sure to delight. You can use this seat until your baby is 9 months old or 20 pounds, whichever comes first.

BabyCenter parents also appreciate the fact that, unlike some other swings, this one is foldable and easy to store when it’s not in use. And if your baby is so relaxed that they have a diaper blowout, not to worry: The seat pad and headrest are both machine-washable.

Good to know: Though they can be very soothing for babies, swings (as well as other inclined products such as bouncers, rockers, and loungers) are never considered a safe sleep space for babies. Inclined seats can restrict a sleeping baby’s airways, which can increase SIDS risk. If your baby falls asleep in their swing, transfer them to a bassinet, crib, or playard with a firm, flat surface as soon as possible.

Community Reviews:

“Simple, foldable, has noises built right in. Both of my babies loved it!”

“Soothed my crying baby like magic.”

“The two-in-one function is super.”

Why we love it:

Jumpers can be bulky and bright, but the Skip Hop Baby Activity Center wins points for its minimalist design and toys that “aren’t overstimulating,” BabyCenter parents say. The toys on this good-looking activity center are cute and fun: A lamb rattle that wobbles, swaying stars, and, best of all, an electronic piano your baby can play with their feet. The seat allows your baby to spin 360 degrees, and when your baby outgrows the activity center it transforms into a play table with a plastic chalkboard surface.

Good to know: This product is a little different from a bouncer seat, which is designed to allow babies to jump up and down. The platform beneath the seat doesn’t bounce, but it does sway from side to side a bit.

Community Reviews:

“My baby loves the attachments and I love that it turns into a table after.”

“My baby loves it! He interacts with the toys included and it helps him with his milestones. I also love that it turns into a table later when he’s older. I plan to get the chairs and put them in his room. A definite yes for me!”

“My son loves it and the colors and toys are not overstimulating.”

Why we love it:

Packed with features that make this play yard suitable for newborns through toddlers, this nursery nerve center comes complete with a changing station and a bassinet (the “travel dome” of the title) that allows your newborn to nap safely. It can also be folded and taken with you in its own carry bag. Once your child’s outgrown the portable bassinet, it comes off to reveal a full-sized bassinet, or a sleep and play space for children weighing up to 30 pounds.

Good to know: This isn’t the easiest play yard to set up compared to some others on the market, but parents say you get the hang of it fairly quickly.

Community Reviews:

“This is so nice because it allows me to have somewhere to lay baby and relocate them to different rooms in the house, and to change diapers without getting a second changing table for the different floors of my house.”

“Because it’s an all-in-one product with a detachable bassinet to use on the go, and has an changing area.”

“Graco consistently has excellent and safe pack ‘n plays. The quality, price point, and ease of assembly make it my favorite travel safe space for sleep. We recently purchased a second one for when our next baby comes!”

Why we love it:

The goal of a play gym is to entertain baby and stimulate their senses, and Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym really delivers. This compact, brightly colored play mat offers lots of musical fun, including a piano with five light-up keys and two separate rattle maracas.

Not to mention, it grows with your little one over time: At first, your baby can play with the overhead toys while kicking at the piano keys. Later your little one can play with the keys during tummy time or detach the piano and take it anywhere. You can attach the toys to the mat to make tummy time more appealing, and you can remove the toy bar, too, when your baby needs more room to sit up.

Good to know: Though this mat is feature-rich, it’s on the small side, without a lot of room for your baby to squirm and roll around. This makes it an ideal choice for families living in small spaces, but if you’d prefer a play mat with a larger surface area, here are others we love.

Community Reviews:

“Keeps kids entertained through a decent age range!”

“Affordable and my son loved the music when he kicked it.”

“Kept baby entertained for months. Songs were not irritating to parents.”

Why we love it:

It has a great classic style, it’s constructed of sustainable New Zealand pine, and its paint is both lead- and phthalate-free. But best of all, this crib allows your child sleeps comfortably as long as they live with you: The crib converts first into a toddler bed, then a daybed, then a full-sized bed with a headboard. Now that’s a long-lasting sleeping space!

Good to know: This crib also comes in a mini version, so make sure you know which you’re buying. And if you’re designing a more modern nursery, consider the brand’s Bianca crib: This is also a four-in-one model, but it has a sleek, Scandinavian-inspired design.

Community Reviews:

“Easy to put together and stylish!”

“Great quality and easy to assemble. It was also easy to convert into a toddler bed.”

“I love the all in one aspect that saves you money and an easy transition for your children. It grows with them.”

Why we love it:

It’s easy to overlook a crib mattress, but this is an essential new-baby purchase. Made of high-density foam, Graco’s crib and toddler mattress is a winner. It’s Greenguard Gold-Certified, which means it has been screened for chemicals that can pollute indoor air. And it comes in a box, which many parents appreciate for easier setup. (Just make sure to allow at least 72 hours for the foam to fully expand.)

BabyCenter parents also tell us that it’s easy to clean, thanks to the removable outer cover that can be thrown in the washing machine. It’s water-resistant, too, so there’s no stress about nighttime diaper leaks.

Good to know: If you’re also in the market for a changing pad, you’d do well to buy Graco’s crib mattress and changing pad bundle: It includes the exact same mattress pictured here as well as the brand’s foam changing pad for nearly the same price.

Community Reviews:

“It’s the right amount of firm and it’s easy to clean.”

“Keeps baby comfortable and sleeping longer.”

“This mattress has lasted me through three babies to toddler age! Will be getting a new one for the new baby soon!”

Why we love it:

It can take time to master your swaddling technique, but the SwaddleMe Original makes it easy to wrap babies securely. This swaddle sack has Velcro “wings” that wrap around baby to help you achieve a snug, comfortable fit, and the foot pouch can be pulled down for diaper changes without unraveling everything. This is also one of the most affordable swaddles on the market, with three included in a pack for $35. But parents say the 100% cotton fabric feels high quality and washes nicely.

Good to know: Some swaddles can convert to an “arms out” position that’s appropriate for older infants. But the SwaddleMe Original has an “arms in” design that’s only safe for newborns who have not yet shown signs of rolling, a milestone that usually happens sometime around 3 or 4 months. At that point, you should switch to the brand’s Stage 2 Transition Swaddle.

Community Reviews:

“Used this brand for several of my children, including the newest addition. Quality and durability.”

“They are easy and fast. I love knowing I can get my baby calm and cozy fast and feel confident in doing it!”

“Super snug but not too restrictive for baby. Love these.”

Why we love it:

Middle-of-the-night feedings are infinitely easier with the Mika Micky. This bassinet has mesh sides and an easy-open panel that allows parents to reach in quickly to soothe baby in the night. It’s also adjustable, with seven height positions, so you can make it level with your bed. Use it until your baby is able to pull themselves into an upright position.

Good to know: For safe sleep, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends sharing a room with your baby, but not a bed. Bedside sleepers like this one can be a safe option to keep your little one within arm’s reach, the AAP says, while still contained in their own sleep space.

Community Reviews:

“Lovely and perfect to have the baby near my bed and easy at night.”

“Amazing concept to pull bassinet right up to your bedside so baby can safely sleep next to you without dangers of rolling over on it.”

“Love the accessibility to the side of the bed with it you can sleep with your infant closer to reach during late nights.”

Why we love it:

Uncomplicated to get on, comfortable for parents to wear, supportive for little ones, and just $38. The Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier is an affordable carrier that’s designed to be used through toddlerhood. Start with the front-facing carrier position when your little one is a newborn, switch to the facing-out position when your baby has enough head control, and eventually use the back carrying mode when your child reaches toddlerhood (the upper weight limit is 32 pounds, so most families should get many years of use out of this). It’s available in seven colors and includes the brand’s Wonder Cover bib to protect your clothes.

Good to know: Baby carriers can be expensive, with some costing hundreds of dollars—which makes Infantino’s under-$40 price tag all the more impressive.

Community Reviews:

“Easy to use and not heavy. Uncomplicated and easy to get my baby in and out. My baby really enjoys it.”

“Fits many different body shapes and sizes while supporting your child through various ages and stages.”

“I’ve used this one for everything from grocery shopping to hiking with baby and it’s really comfortable for me.”

Why we love it:

Parents love the fit of Pampers Swaddlers, and the newborn-friendly features, which include a cut-out space on each diaper for your baby's healing umbilical cord stump and an indicator that changes colors to let you know when your little one needs a change. They’re also solid for up to 12 hours of overnight protection – which means fewer middle-of-the-night diaper changes.

Good to know: Some parents find what Pampers calls its “powder fresh” fragrance overpowering. If you’re sensitive to smells, you might prefer fragrance-free diapers.

Community Reviews:

“We LOVE Pampers! They're durable (don't rip on accident like some others). They're absorbent (and don't leak like others). They're affordable AND the Pampers rewards are nice too!”

“I’ve used them for all my babies. They’re very absorbent and fit well as they grow.”

“I love Pampers because of their sturdiness.”

Why we love it:

Formulated especially for sensitive baby skin, these wipes are fragrance-free, sturdy, and gentle at a reasonable price. Containing pH-balanced lotion, they’re a great defense against diaper rash and suitable for everyday use. BabyCenter parents say they’re non-irritating and oh-so-soft against sensitive skin.

Good to know: Parents sometimes complain that the packaging on these wipes doesn’t make it easy to pull out a single each time.

Community Reviews:

“Pampers have very durable wipes that do not rip coming out of the package like many others. They also don't have the strange odor that many ‘fragrance-free’ wipes have. Plus, the Pampers rewards are nice, too!”

“Best product to use for babies with sensitive skin.”

“If you truly want a soft wipe for baby’s skin this is it! I will not buy any other brand.”

Why we love it:

Not every diaper bag can accommodate all of baby’s gear (diapers, wipes, bottles, a spare set of clothes) while also delivering style points, but BabbyRoo’s bag isan exception. There’s truly a pocket for everything here (think insulated bottle pockets and a separate area for wipes) as well as a number of thoughtful touches that make outings with baby easier, such as a foldable changing mat and detachable pacifier holder. Crucially, it’s also durable: The water-resistant fabric is sturdy and “looks like new” even after regular use, BabyCenter parents say.

Good to know: This bag is available in 13 different colors, from neutrals like dark gray (pictured) to peppy hues like pink and sage green.

Community Reviews:

“There are so many pockets available!”

“Sturdy material. I've been using it for over a year and it still looks new. It also has a lot of pocket options so there's so much room for storage.”

“Because it has tons of space to carry, along with the changing pad and openings for bottles and all the other features.”

Why we love it:

It can be hard to get excited about a diaper pail, but a good one really makes a difference in trapping odors. The Genie’s odor-lock system puts the kibosh on diaper stink, and it’s hands-free, so you never have to touch anything dirty. Just step to open the pail and toss, then pull out the bag of diapers from the clean bottom of the sack when full. C-section moms love not having to bend over to discard diapers, too.

Good to know: This pail requires ompatible refill bags, so take that cost into consideration.

Community Reviews:

“Keeps smells locked in.”

“So compact. Easy to empty and refill with a clean bag. Keeps the smell in and flies out.”

“Keeps storage great and keeps the smell compact, holds a lot.”

Why we love it:

This traditional furniture top changing pad is comfy for your baby and easy for you: it stays put, it’s nice and long for growing babies, its waterproof cover wipes clean, and it’s extraordinarily inexpensive for something you’ll use seamlessly for years on end. A strap ensures you can keep even the wiggliest babies secure during diaper changes, and the liner is also machine-washable.

Good to know: This pad is hardly a looker, but there are many covers you can buy to switch out and keep things cheery and clean.

Community Reviews:

“Nice and soft with baby strap for extra security.”

“I believe this product should be award-worthy because not only does it look comfortable for your baby but also it is portable!”

“Nice simple design to use for diaper changes at home.”

Why we love it:

This trendy nursery must-have combines a nightlight, sound machine, and a toddler training clock into one good-looking gadget parents control with a phone or tablet. Program the Rest to turn off and on at a scheduled time (which is very handy for making transitions like Daylight Saving shifts), or operate on the fly with the Rest app. The sound quality is good, and parents deeply appreciate being able to operate everything from their phone without risking disrupting baby. Also cool: It changes colors, a soothing feature toddlers particularly appreciate.

Good to know: For an additional $20, you can buy the Hatch Rest+, which includes all the features on the Rest plus an audio baby monitor, clock, backup battery, and wifi capability. Or, if you don’t need so many bells and whistles, you could opt for a more basic white noise machine.

Community Reviews:

“You can sync it to your phone. It changes colors and has multiple sound options. We have used it every night for almost two years.”

“You can control it for your phone without having to go in baby’s room and disturb them.”

“Love the color options and that I can control it with my phone and schedule a program.”

Why we love it:

You have tons of choices when it comes to baby monitors, and the decision can be a little overwhelming. BabyCenter parents appreciate the crisp, clear HD video on the Owlet Cam: The camera connects to your home wifi and transmits video to an app on your phone. With a tap, you can pinch to zoom, check the temperature in baby’s room, and get total visibility into your little one’s crib. The price point is reasonable for such a high-tech monitor. As one BabyCenter parent put it: “It gives me such peace of mind.”

Good to know: There are two types of baby monitors: Those that transmit video using your home wifi and those that use radio frequency. Owlet Cam is a wifi monitor, but if you’d prefer one that uses radio frequency (or just want a more basic audio monitor), check out other baby monitors we love.

Community Reviews:

“More efficient, it's quick, it's on your phone too with an app which I like. You can be anywhere and still see your child safe and I like the picture quality.”

“Amazing product.”

“You can use the monitor or your phone.”

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Kathleen Felton is a freelance writer and editor. She was previously the executive editor of editorial strategy and growth at BabyCenter, the world's number one parenting resource. She is originally from Farmington, Connecticut, and now lives in Sydney, Australia, with her husband and two sons.

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